Interview with Meme Churton

Category: Interview

Title Interview with Meme Churton
Interviewer Tessa Mitchell
Interviewee Meme Churton
Producer Tessa Mitchell and Ben Holmes
Year 1998
Language English
Format Audio: 1 C90 cassette(s). 1 printed abstract(s) summary notes. Duration 1.17 Hours and minutes
Geographic reference
Time reference 1950 - 1963
Online resource NO
Topic Italians in New Zealand, interviews, oral history, Italian women in New Zealand, War Brides,

You can find the interview here

Interview with Meme Churton available from the National Library of New Zealand (Original recordings not available for playback. Surrogate copies will be provided.) Born in Italy Meme opened one of the first coffee shops in Auckland, imported the first coffee machine in 1955 and ran the first art gallery featuring New Zealand artists. She also taught Italian language and culture at The University of Auckland.

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