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The Italians in New Zealand and Other Studies
Dante Alighieri di Auckland
Full Circle? Renato Amato’s Literary Antipodes 1
The Full Circle of the Travelling Cuckoo
Renato Amato: The Italian ‘with a lot to tell us’
Cenni sull’emigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda
Flexible identities: Narratives of Māori Italians in New Zealand
My son, the Wellington Phoenix star: Proud father reflects on Liberato Cacace's rise
Bergamini, Carlo Giuseppe - Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand
Island Bay Little Italy
He Tāngata: Francesca Bonventre of the Chatham Islands Hotel
Nelson's Italian history honoured in The Wood
Nelson's Italian history honoured
Nella nuova fattoria
Former Bulgari boss ditches catwalks of Europe to become a cheesemaker in Nelson
Faces of Auckland: War bride loves kiwi life
In Love and War: Kiwi Soldiers' Romantic Encounters in Wartime Italy
Interview with Meme Churton
A war bride’s tale
'Mr Jones' wives': World War II war brides of New Zealand servicemen
Memorial to Italian Internees on Somes/Matiu Island in WWII
Prisoners of War
Papa's Island
Casa, Paul, 1903-2001 : Papers relating to his internment on Somes Island
File:Somes Island memorial.jpg
Andrea Biani shoe brand founder Sebastiano Perillo dies
The Perano whalers of Cook Strait, 1911-1964
Perano, Joseph August- Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand
Getting the family back together ... all 1000 of them
Memories of the Perano Family
Local Italian woman honoured by Italian state
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Italian pianist to head new academy.
Marco Revelant Senior HOD at Weta Digital
Sibilla Paparatti Motion Production Manager at Weta Digital
Alfio Leotta Senior Lecturer Victoria University of Wellington
Carolina Izzo: Art Restoration
Raffaela Dragin, an Italian Winemaker loves the opportunities in Marlborough, NZ
Paolo Rotondo Director Screenwriter and Actor
Here to Stay - the Italians
Paolo Rotondo: On acting, writing, directing and sphincter surgery...
The Italian/Maori romance behind the Cinema Italiano Festival
Paolo Selva Principal Engineer at Weta Digital
Italiani a Jackson Bay Nuova Zelanda
Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand (ICCNZ)
Landscape and memory
Portrait of Antonio Zame owner of Capri Vineyard in Gisborne
In Nuova Zelanda. Con amore
Qui Tutto Bene: The Italians in New Zealand
Career & lifestyle
A home where the kids come first
Festival Italiano Auckland 2015 - YouTube Video
Festival Italiano 2018 - YouTube Video
Table of contents
Joe Di Maio - My journey from Italy to Hamilton
Obituary: Giuseppe Di Maio (Joe) March 7, 1933 – February 16, 2019
Attività artistica in continua evoluzione
In the Footsteps of Migrants - The Italian Grapes that Conquered the World
Gli atteggiamenti verso l’Italia e la lingua italiana dei figli di italiani
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/14/it
Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/it
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/13/it
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Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/9/it
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/8/it
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/7/it
Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/en
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/12/en
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/14/en
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/8/en
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/13/en
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/10/en
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/11/en
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/9/en
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/7/en
Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda
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Translations:Table of contents/1/it
Translations:Table of contents/Page display title/it
Nerli: An Italian Painter in the South Pacific
Presenza italiana in Nuova Zelanda
Ballara, Bruno, 1927-2002: Papers relating to Italian immigration to New Zealand
Italian Censuses in Nineteenth Century New Zealand
Festival Italiano Auckland
File:Festival Italiano.jpg
Ambasciata d'Italia in Wellington - Embassy of Italy in Wellington
New book explores Nelson's Italian history
Pasta, Prayer & Promise, the story of Nelson's Italian Community 1860-2014
Capt Salvatore Cimino
Barsanti, Ottavio - Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand
Russo, Bartolomeo - Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand
"Alla fine del mondo"... La presenza italiana in Nuova Zelanda
Quando l’arte sposa la matematica - intervista a Chiara Corbelletto
Te Papa Blog: Unveiled: Wedding Dress of the Week - Rosa Criscillo’s wedding dress from 1909
Formaggio per favore!
Interview with Francesca Hindmarsh
Interview with Joe Zannino
Circolo Italiano di Wellington
Hurst, A B & Son: Photograph of Bartolomeo Russo and family
Il premio “Montale fuori di casa” al professor Marco Sonzogni
File:B Russo.jpg
Squarise, Raffaello - Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand
Wedding of Luigi Noaro and Maria Barnao, at a Catholic Church in Humber Street, Island Bay, Wellington
File:Wedding 1.jpg
Garibaldi Club members, Wellington
Island Bay fishermen's rugby team
File:Island Bay fishermen's rugby team.jpg
Group of Italian Fishermen, Island Bay, Wellington
File:Italian fishermen.jpg
File:Garibaldi Club members, Wellington.jpg
Club Garibaldi
File:Club Garibaldi.jpg
Raffaello Squarise (1856-1945): The Colonial Career of an Italian Maestro
Italians - Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand
Woman wins presidency at Italian club
The Stromboli Connection
The Italian family, motherhood and Italianness in New Zealand. The case of the Italian community of Wellington
Some reflections on the relevance of mammism in the Italian diaspora in Wellington
Alla fine del mondo
Sardi ad Auckland, figli della stessa Isola in isole lontane
La Bella Vita. Italians in Nelson.
Italians in Nelson - a memorial trail
Emigrazione livornese nella Nuova Zelanda
Meet the Romano family who have been growing capri tomatoes in Nelson since the 1940s
Nelson family reaping the sweet rewards of their endeavours
Italian community in Wellington oral history project
New Zealand tunnelling, Italian style - Tongariro Power Project
Alla fine del mondo: gli italiani di Island Bay
The Italian Community
Pioneers of New Zealand Wine
History of New Zealand and its Inhabitants
La Nuova Zelanda: il paese dei Maori
New Zealand and Europe: Connections and Comparisons
A Deserter's Adventures
Vaggioli's Return: A Deserter's Adventures
File:History of New Zealand and Its Inhabitants.jpg
File:A Deserter's Adventures.jpg
La presenza italiana in Nuova Zelanda (1875-1950)
Buon Natale!
Crossing Rachmaninoff
File:Crossing Rachmaninoff.jpg
What was the importance of food and wine to the Italians who worked for Codelfa in New Zealand and what effect did it have on the eating habits of many New Zealanders?
Digging for Italian roots
ComItEs Wellington
Kiwis embrace Italian culture
The Italiano connection
Nicola Sciascia
Nicola Sciascia Family Pilgrimage 2007
Transference markers: Verbal Devices for Marking Transference in the Speech of First Generation Italian-English Bilinguals in and Around Turangi
To go or to stay: A study of decision-making by Italian workers and their families in Turangi
Codelfa-Cogefar: Moawhango, Tongariro Tunnel
D’Urville's forgotten Island
Family Business: An Italian-New Zealand Story
Food and Family - Tastes and Memories of Italy
Tunnellers get together for 50th
Alice & Luigi
Dall'Emilia alla Nuova Zelanda, passando per Pedavena
William Dart meets flautist Luca Manghi
File:Luca BW.jpeg
Italiani o neozelandesi? Sentimenti di appartenenza dei figli di italiani della comunità di Wellington
From Southern Europe to New Zealand: Greeks and Italians in New Zealand
Ciao Italia festival launches for first time to connect Italy with Christchurch
File:Poster CIAO ITALIA.jpg
Cinema Italiano Festival
Dante Alighieri di Christchurch
Angelina From Stromboli to D'Urville Island a Family's Story
Famiglie Strombolani
File:Dante-logo 4.jpg
The Cultures of Italian Migration
The Love Boats
Viva l'Italia - The Dante Alighieri Society of Auckland
A hunter in paradise
The Italian family who built a fishing empire in Gisborne
File:Susan Jacobs.jpg
File:Ballara.jpg Verbal and Visual Representations of Italianness on the Italian-New Zealand Communities Websites
Ondazzurra - interviste radio agli italiani in Nuova Zelanda
File:Carla Rotondo e Antonella Coppolino sm .jpeg
File:Ondazzurraprogramma radiofonico icon .jpeg
File:Copertina Amazon.jpg
File:Au AlessandraZecchini.jpg
In Search of Elisa Marchetti: A Writer's Search for Her Italian Family
File:In Search of Elisa Marchetti.png
File:Dante-logo 1 orig.jpg
File:Dante Auckland lowres.jpg
File:Festival italiano 001.png
File:Tony Romano.png
File:Google spreadsheet - ordinamento.png
File:Radiocartolina logo.jpg
Superheroes down under
File:Island Bay.jpg
File:Leaving Italy living New Zealand.jpeg
Italiani o neozelandesi
Italian Migration and Settlement in New Zealand
File:Tide film.jpg
File:Paolo Rotondo.jpg
An Immigrant Nation
File:An immigrant nation The unbroken thread.jpg
File:Pasta Prayer and Promise 1860-2014.jpg
File:A hunter in paradise.jpg
File:Food and Family - Tastes and Memories of Italy.jpg
File:Angelina from Stromboli to D'Urville Island.jpg
Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/4/it
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Translations:Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda/1/en
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File:Book Alla fine del mondo.jpg
File:Book- Alice & Luigi.jpg
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