Famiglie Strombolani

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Famiglie Strombolani by Page, Dion - Kerslake, David - Barnao, Pete - Elenio, Paul.

Title Famiglie Strombolani
Author Page, Dion - Kerslake, David - Barnao, Pete - Elenio, Paul.
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Year 2000
Publisher Stromboli Connection Organising Group
Language English
Format paperback
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Topic Immigrants from Stromboli, Stromboli, Island Bay, Wellington, Sicilian immigrants,

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Violent eruptions like the sea quake in 1930 which generated 30-metre waves and a decline in the island's economy have sent periodic waves of its people - 'Strombolani'- to many countries including New Zealand.

Wellington has had its own community of Strombolani for about 100 years. In 2000, the Wellington descendants of the immigrants from Stromboli, one of the Aeolian Islands, held a festival to celebrate their heritage. This led to the creation of a book chronicling their stories, Famiglie Strombolani, which was published the same year.

The 176-page book features stories and photographs on the following families:

Barnao Cincotta Costa Criscillo Curulli De Nave Di Mattina Famularo Galletta Lorenzo Loschiavo Luca Moleta Monastra Natoli Paino Panettieri Picone Russo Serci Tesoriero Toscano Zame Zino

Famiglie Strombolani is currently out of print but may be available by contacting Island Bay Little Italy. The National Library of New Zealand has also the book, recored as Famiglie Strombolani in Nouva Zelanda.