Immigrazione italiana in Nuova Zelanda

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Archivio Digitale Documenti sull'Immigrazione Italiana ​in Nuova Zelanda

There are several sources of information currently available to those who, either for research purposes or just out of curiosity, wish to study the Italian immigration to New Zealand: printed material, films, audio and video interviews, libraries, museums and universities archives.

Com.It.Es. Wellington launched in 2016 a project aimed at: Researching existing sources of information (published items in paper, digital, video and audio formats) Possibly purchasing such documentation, depending on available funds (e.g. left-over funds from the Com.It.Es., funds from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, whenever made available, and / private funding sources) Setting up a catalogue of all such documentation, with links and contacts to authors or various other institutions Uploading the catalogue on the Com.It.Es. website Promoting the use of the catalogue among universities, embassies, associations, etc. throughout the world.

The intention of this project is to create a first port of call, from which to navigate further through filters and therefrom targeting the search using key-words.

This is an open-ended project: we’ll be most grateful to receive any further leads that can be forwarded to the project coordinator:

We wish to thank everyone who has helped us until now, and who will be helping us in the future. We are certain that also our readers will appreciate the richness of the experiences mentioned here, and will share our deep respect for the personal stories of those who, for whichever reason or in whichever moment, left Italy to come to New Zealand.

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